Arctic School Food Service Innovation Competition

AKSNA Arctic Food Service Innovation Competition

AKSNA is pleased to announce the second annual Arctic School Food Service Innovations Competition. The competition recognizes an individual in school food service that has contributed an innovation that has expanded access to school meals, improved the quality or nutritional value of school meals, improved student and community relationships of the school meal program, improved logistical or financial support of school meals, and/or overcome another challenge to making, distributing, and serving school meals.

The winner will be selected by people’s choice award at the 56th Annual AKSNA Conference in Anchorage, Alaska, 23 – 25 January 2024.
The winner will receive travel and registration to the SNA Annual National Conference in Boston, Massachusetts, 14 – 16 July 2024.


Anyone with direct knowledge of the innovation may nominate an AKSNA member; self-nominations are allowed. The person submitting the nomination need not be an AKSNA member. Examples of qualified nominators include the nominee, the nominee’s supervisor, colleague, business manager, teacher, principal, or superintendent.

Nominations are due by 31 December 2023

Your nomination should include:

  • A photo of the nominee
  • A photo documenting the innovation and/or result of the innovation, additional photos are encouraged
  • A short report detailing the innovation (recommended word length 500-1000 words)
    the report should include an explanation of:
    • What was the innovation?
    • What challenge/improvement was address?
    • What was the nominee’s contribution?
    • What date did this start? How long did it take?
    • How the innovation impacted students?
      • If there was a change in participation, please include relevant participation data.
    • What was the impact on the school community?
    • Why was the innovation important?


Eligibility and Judging

The nominee must be an AKSNA member in good standing at the time of award, 24 January 2024. While attendance at the AKSNA Annual Conference is encouraged, the nominee need not be present to win.

If there are more than three qualified nominees, the AKSNA Board will convene a committee to review the nominations and select the top three choices. The nominees, or the top three selected by the committee, will be presented at the AKSNA Annual Conference where all attendees will select the winner by popular vote.

The nominee with the most votes will be announced at the Award Banquet. If there is a tie, the nominee whose nomination was received first will be awarded.

Award Details

The winner will attend the 2024 SNA Annual Conference in Boston, Massachusetts, 14 – 16 July 2024.
This includes:

  • Conference registration
  • Airfare from the winner’s home city in Alaska to Boston, Massachusetts (round-trip, economy class)
  • Lodging at one of SNA’s partner hotels
  • A $300 cash allowance for meals and ground transportation

Federal Income Tax

The winner will receive an additional cash allowance equal to 28.2% of the total cash value of the prize; the amount is intended, but not guaranteed, to offset the winner’s Federal Income Tax liability.

To comply with U.S. Internal Revenue Code, the winner must submit an IRS Form W-9 before any prize may be disbursed; the value of the award will be reported as 2024 income to the Internal Revenue Service via Form 1099-MISC.

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