Support the School Nutrition Foundation

The School Nutrition Foundation (SNF) is the charitable arm of the School Nutrition Association (SNA). SNF’s mission is advancing school nutrition programs by providing resources to school nutrition professionals.

SNF distribute scholarships, equipment grants, and supports training such as LEAd to Succeed thanks to the charitable donations of members like you.

For the 2022-2023 school year, 20% of donations from Alaska School Nutrition Association members will directly support scholarship and development in our great state of ALaska.

Consider making a monthly or one-time contribution to SNF. Your contribution supports current and future school nutrition professionals. SNF is a 501(c)3 organization; your donation is tax deductible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the School Nutrition Foundation and how is the Foundation related to the Association?

  • The School Nutrition Foundation (SNF) was established in 1964 as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization to support the school nutrition profession. The Foundation, which celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2014, is the philanthropic sister organization to the School Nutrition Association and raises funds to support the members of the Association through education, research, and scholarships and to enhance the role of school nutrition in the educational process.
  • SNA is 501(c)4 organization and the Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization.
  • The Association may participate in political lobbying; the Foundation may not participate in or support any political activity.
  • The Foundation was created to serve the public by providing financial support to offer education, research and scholarships to support the school nutrition profession in ways that go beyond what the School Nutrition Association provides its members. The funds given to the Foundation are used to provide more for school nutrition professionals in the realm of education and research.
  • The objectives of SNF include supporting education, research, and scholarships that benefit SNA members, and ultimately the millions of children who are provided with healthy school meals by these school nutrition professionals.

Does SNF receive a portion of my SNA membership dues?

  • • The Foundation does not receive financial support from SNA dues. The Foundation secures funding from School Nutrition Association members, other individuals interested in school nutrition, state associations, industry partners, foundations, and others who care about school nutrition. SNA may make contributions when they become members or when they renew their memberships, but that is above and beyond membership dues.

What is the Annual Fund?

  • The Annual Fund is an organized effort to secure support annually to meet the ongoing needs of the School Nutrition Foundation as the Foundation supports SNA members. The Annual Fund is a way for SNA members to support the Foundation each year in its efforts to provide education and professional development, to support research to expand the knowledge base for school nutrition and to confirm “best practices” in the field and to offer scholarships to SNA members to continue their education.

Why should I support the Annual Fund?

  • You will be helping the members of SNA in their pursuit of education, skills, and training that are needed to continue to provide healthy foods to America’s children.
  • Support of the Foundation by members of SNA is a testimony to the passion and commitment that members have for feeding America’s students and is an indication to other potential funders, including corporations and foundations, that the School Nutrition Foundation is important. Major funding After you make your contribution, encourage others to join you in supporting the Foundation through the Annual Fund. (Don’t limit yourself to SNA members, as others also have an interest in school nutrition and would be pleased to support the Foundation, if asked.)

What is the difference between the SNF Annual Fund and the SNA PAC?

  • The SNF Annual Fund provides support to the Foundation to provide education, research, and scholarships for SNA members. Contributions are tax-deductible.
  • SNA-PAC is a Political Action Committee that supports SNA’s political goals by collecting money from people who share these political goals and making contributions to political candidates who support these goals. Contributions to PAC are not tax-deductible.