School Nutrition Programs Now Have One-Stop Recipe Resource

This press release is posted on behalf of This posting is for informational purposes only and shall not be construed as an endorsement of the site or its content. launches an essential resource for school nutrition professionals who plan menus or prepare food for child nutrition programs. The site brings together recipes from schools and education departments across the country, as well as non-profit organizations and product manufacturers, into a beautiful, searchable, and easy to use resource that meets the unique needs of school nutrition programs.

The site was created by a team of school nutrition and culinary experts who understand that finding good recipes (that are flavorful, that work and that credit properly) has been a constant challenge for school nutrition professionals.

“Digging through numerous websites and PDF files is time consuming and can be a barrier to improving school nutrition menus”, said Executive Director, Catharine Powers. “Meals are served in over 93,000 schools each day, with over 31 million lunches and 11 million breakfasts eaten by students every year. School Nutrition professionals need better resources for creative, healthy menu items that meet the needs of today’s students”, she explained.

Along with Executive Chef Samantha Cowens-Gasbarro and an accomplished advisory team of school nutrition experts, Powers has created the solution and is confident that site will have a lasting positive impact on the meals that are served to kids in schools.

Key features:

  • The site and all resources are FREE to all users.
  • Hundreds of recipes are currently available with more added every day.
  • Users are invited to add their recipes to share with the school nutrition community, as well as rate and comment on recipes submitted by others.
  • Expert content in form of blogs, newsletters, and how-to videos.

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