19 September 2023 | AKSNA Regular Board Meeting

Alaska School Nutrition Association
1120 Huffman Rd. Ste. 24
PMB 791
Anchorage, AK 99515

19 September 2023
2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. AKDT

The meeting is hosted on Zoom and is open to all members in good standing. To request the Zoom link and password, contact Gavin Northey, AKSNA President, by emailing president@aksna.org.

I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call

Voting Members

PresentName and Title
Gavin Northey, MBA, SNS, President *
Tanya Dube, SNS, President-elect
Trevor Bridgewater, SNS, Treasurer and Past-President (2022-2023) †
Sandie Ponte, Secretary, and Past-President (2021-2022)
Rachel Spencer, Chairwoman, Public Policy & Legislation Committee
Carlos Perez, Chairman, Communications Committee
Tiffany Kurani, NDRT, Chairwoman, Nutrition Standards & Education Committee
Sue Lampert, Past-President (2020-2021)
Quorum is established when five or more voting members are present
* The President votes only in the event of a tie
† The immediate Past-President votes in the event that they hold another position with voting rights

Non-voting Members

PresentName and Title
Susan Pougher, Member At-large
Tracy Hulett, Member At-large

III. Adoption of Agenda

IV. Consent Agenda

A. Minutes of Previous Meeting(s)

There are no minutes to approve

B. Financial Reports

1. Fiscal Year 2023

2. Month ending 31 July 2023

C. Membership Report

89 Members

3 in grace

1 expired

V. President’s Report

Gavin Northey, MBA, SNS,

VI. Treasurer’s Report

Trevor Bridgewater, SNS

VII. Standing Committee Reports

A. Public Policy & Legislation

Rachel Spencer

B. Member Services

C. Communications

Carlos Perez

1. Mush On News

2. Web Site

3. Social Media

D. Conference Committee

Tanya Dube, SNS

E. Food and Vendor Expo Committee

Gavin Northey, MBA, SNS

E. Nutrition Standards & Education Committee

Tiffany Kurani, NDRT

VIII. Ad-hoc Committee Reports

A. Contract Executive Director Committee

This committee has been tabled

B. Awards & Recognition Committee

This committee needs a chairperson

IX. Unfinished Business

X. New Business

A. Motion to Update Executives and Key Contacts

Gavin Northey motions to update AKSNA’s Wells Fargo bank accounts to include Tanya Dube, President-elect. This motion will make the list of Executives and Key Contacts as follows:

  • Gavin Northey of Juneau, Alaska (President and Registered Agent)
  • Tanya Dube of Anchorage, Alaska (President-elect)
  • Trevor Bridgewater of Fairbanks, Alaska (Treasurer and Past-President)
  • Sandie Ponte of Cordova, Alaska (Secretary and Past-President)

B. Motion to Update AKSNA’s Street Address on Banking Records

Gavin Northey motions to update AKSNA’s Wells Fargo bank records to reflect its street address to 800 F Street, Unit P4, Juneau, Alaska 99801. This motion aligns the street address with the address of AKSNA’s Registered Agent. The mailing address shall remain the address on Huffman Road in Anchorage Alaska.

XI. Announcements / Good of the Order

XII. Adjournment

The next meeting will be 17 October 2023

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