About Tim Pierson, MS, RDN, CD

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Tim is the Nutrition Communications Manager for the Washington State Dairy Council. He runs the nutrition and sustainability communication efforts for consumers, health professionals, as well as students and educators.

Tim received his Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Pre-Med at the University of Utah, where he also completed his Master’s Degree in Nutrition Science. He began working for the dairy industry in 2013 at the Dairy Council of Utah and Nevada before joining the Dairy Farmers of Washington in 2019. Tim is passionate about nutrition research and education. He has worked with universities in Washington State, Montana, Utah, England, The Netherlands, and Ghana to educate the importance of dairy not only in the diet, but also as part of a sustainable food system. He also works with the UN on sustainable food systems for the developing world.

In his spare time, Tim enjoys cooking, traveling the world, and of course, cheese.