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The Alaska School Nutrition Association is pleased to offer four scholarships to provide financial assistance to members who wish to attend AKSNA’s 55th Annual Conference on 24 – 26 January 2022 in Anchorage, Alaska. Funding for this scholarship is made available from “CDCP Health and Wellness Grants.”

The scholarship includes free registration and reimbursement for lodging. AKSNA members should review the eligibility criteria and complete the below short application and attestation.

Eligibility and Scholarship Terms

  • Recipient must be a Alaska School Nutrition Association member in good standing
  • Must have been a member since 1 July 2022, or earlier
  • No more than one recipient shall be selected from the same school district or agency
  • At least two scholarships will be awarded to first-timers
    • For the purpose of this scholarship, first-timer shall refer to someone who has not attended an in-person AKSNA conference
  • If there are more applicants than are scholarships, priority shall be given to applicants who indicate a financial need, then shall be awarded in the order in which the applications are received
  • Recipients shall be notified by email and should register for the conference promptly
  • The scholarship shall discount the full conference registration fee, however, add-ons will be at the recipient’s expense
  • Recipient shall reserve and pay for lodging expenses up-front from the Anchorage Midtown Residence Inn by Marriott using the group rate found in the registration confirmation email
  • Recipient shall be reimbursed up to $129 per night for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights plus additional tax
    • No other incidentals will be covered
    • Nights are not transferrable; the scholarship specifically covers check-in on 23 January and check-out on 26 January
  • TAX: The value of the scholarship is estimated to be $433.44 for lodging, therefore, no 1099-MISC shall be issued.


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A “yes” response will NOT disqualify you, however, those claiming financial need may be prioritized over those who do not. Please be considerate of your fellow AKSNA members and only certify “No” if you truly do not have means to attend.