Conference Registration Terms and Conditions

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These are the Terms & Conditions that apply to Alaska School Nutrition Association (AKSNA) attendees, participants, and vendors.

Payments: Conference Attendees: All registrations made prior to the conference must be paid in full to guarantee registration. Once payment has been received, an email confirmation and a receipted invoice will be sent. If payment is not made at the time of booking, registration will be provisional.

Exhibitioners: A deposit of 50% of booth, advertising, and banquet ticket fees is due immediately (you will receive an invoice within five business days). The remaining balance, including sponsorships, is due 23 January 2023.

Early Ptarmigan Rate: In order to qualify for any “Early Ptarmigan” rates or discounts, completed registration must be received on or before 30 November 2022 at 11:59 p.m. AKST and payment must be received within 10 days of the date the invoice is issued.

Adjustment of Conference Registration Fees: After a attendee’s registration is completed, AKSNA reserves the right to review the information provided by the attendee and adjust the registration rate group or rate category and fee if it is found that the information provided by the attendee has been misrepresented, false or incorrect. Any adjustment to fees plus a $10 processing fee must be paid on or before the beginning of the conference..

Transferability of Conference Registration: Registration may be transferred by notifying AKSNA in writing by emailing by 10 January 2023 at 11:59 p.m. AKST and including both the original (transferer) and new (transferee) attendee’s full names, contact information, and SNA membership ID numbers (if applicable). If the rate category of the transferee and transferer are different, the difference plus a $10 processing fee shall be applied. No refund shall be given for a reduction in rate. The “Afternoon Registration” is only transferrable between attendee eligible for the SN Manager Rate (MGR) and SN Employee Rate (EMR) group.

Cancellation and Refund Policy: If you are unable to attend, you must notify AKSNA in writing by emailing by 23 December 2022 at 11:59 p.m. AKST and AKSNA will refund your registration fee less a $75 administrative fee. No refunds will be made on cancellations received after 23 December 2022 or for no shows. Refunds and/or credits will be issued approximately 30 days AFTER the conference.

Exhibitioners: The administrative fee for refunds shall be $150. Refunds will be issued upon receipt and processing of your refund request.

Refunds for Duplicate Registration: The above cancellation and refund policy shall apply to duplicate registrations (multiple registrations for the same person). It is the attendee’s responsibility to notify AKSNA in writing, by email to of a duplicate registration. If an SNA Member ID is provided during the registration process in both registrations, the cancellation fee shall be $35.

Speakers: Views expressed by speakers are their own. AKSNA cannot accept liability for advice given, or views expressed, by any speaker at the conference or in any material provided to attendees. AKSNA may use the speaker’s name and presentation materials for promoting attendance at the conference. Presentations and papers including all associated artwork and illustrations will not be returned unless specifically requested by the author. The papers must be objective and completely free of advertising and commercialism. AKSNA may audio and/or video tape the speaker’s session.

Data Protection: By submitting registration details, attendee agree to allow AKSNA and companies associated with the conference to contact them regarding their services. The contact details of registered attendee may be placed on the participant list which will be passed to sponsoring companies and attendees.

Websites & Links: The conference and AKSNA website may link to other websites and networking tools provided for the convenience of the users. The contents of these websites are maintained by their owners, for which AKSNA takes no responsibility. Neither can responsibility be taken for contents of any website linking to this website.

Insurance: It is the responsibility of the conference attendee to arrange appropriate insurance cover in connection with their attendance at the conference. AKSNA cannot be held liable for any loss, liability or damage to personal property.

Exhibitioners’ Insurance and Indemnification Requirements: Each exhibitioner shall provide a certificate of insurance in the amount of no less than $1,000,000 per incident and $2,000,000 aggregate that names “Alaska School Nutrition Association” as an additional insured on the policy. The exhibitioner agrees to indemnify Alaska School Nutrition Association for any liability relating to the Food and Vendor Expo.

Photographs, Publicity Material, Online, Broadcast, and Print Media: AKSNA reserves the sole right to use any photographs, recordings, electronic images or publicity material received by or obtained by AKSNA in the course of the event, for whatever use deemed proper by AKSNA. AKSNA has the exclusive right to include photographic, video and other visual portrayals of Attendees, Sponsors, Exhibitors and their Exhibits including its contents, in any pictorial medium of any nature whatsoever for the purpose of trade, advertising, sales, publicity and otherwise, without compensation to the Attendee, Sponsor or Exhibitor, and all rights titled and interest bearing (including all worldwide copyrights therein) will be AKSNA’s sole property, free of any claims of Attendee, Exhibitor or Sponsor or any persons deriving any rights or interest from the Attendee, Exhibitor or Sponsor.

Hotel, Meetings and Hospitality Functions: Attendee agrees that it will not, nor will its employees or representatives conduct any type of function in the Facility or any participating hotel’s meeting rooms, public areas, hospitality suites or suites during conference hours without the prior written consent of AKSNA.

Admittance: In its sole discretion and without refund, AKSNA reserves the right to refuse admittance to or expel from the conference anyone that it determines is behaving in a manner that could be disruptive to the conference or any other attendee.

Disclaimer: AKSNA may at any time, with or without giving notice, in its absolute discretion and without giving any reason, change, cancel or postpone the conference, change its venue or any of the other published particulars, or withdraw any invitation to attend. In any case, neither AKSNA nor any of its officers, employees, agents, members or representatives shall be liable for any loss, liability, damage or expense suffered or incurred by any person, nor will they return any money paid to them in connection with the conference unless they are satisfied not only that the money in question remains under their control, but also that the person who paid it has been unfairly prejudiced, about which the decision shall be in their sole and unfettered discretion and, when announced, final and conclusive.

Force Majeure: AKSNA shall not be held responsible for any delay or failure in performance of its obligations hereunder to the extent such delay or failure is caused by fire, flood, strike, civil, governmental or military authority, acts of God, acts of terrorism, acts of war, pandemics, epidemics, the availability of the Venue or other similar causes beyond its reasonable control and without the fault or negligence of AKSNA or its subcontractors.  For one or more of such reasons, AKSNA may postpone, reschedule or cancel the event without liability on the part of AKSNA.  In the event the conference cannot be held or is postponed pursuant to this section, AKSNA shall not be liable to attendee for any damages, costs, or losses incurred, such as transportation costs, accommodations costs, or financial losses.  AKSNA will review refund and/or fee transfer requests, submitted in writing, for approval on a situational basis.